How to Accurately Measure Pup-Grass Dog Grass for Your Lawn

Square footage is determined by multiplying the Width by the Length of the area to be covered in turf (see diagram 1). Multiply the width times the length. Keep in mind that Pup-Grass® rolls are 12′ or 6′ feet wide The minimum cut from a roll is 10′. We do not cut the width of our rolls only the length. To calculate the total square footage of synthetic grass you need follow these steps:

  • Square the area – see diagram below
  • Multiply the Width times the Length of the area that has been squared
  • This is the total square feet you will need

Measurement Example

If you have an area that is 14′ x 24 you will need to calculate how the turf will be laid out. The gross area for 14′ x 22′ is 308 Sq Ft

See diagram 2

To cover the area with the least amount of seams your will need to order 336 Sq Ft.

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Pupgrass measuring and ordering directions 1

pupgrass measuring and ordering instructions 2

Square Footage Calculator

To calculate how much Pup-Grass® you will need, measure the length and width of the area, and input it into the calculator below. (note: measure in feet)

Pup-Grass® costs

less than 1,200 sq ftmore than 1,200 sq ft
$3.99 per sq ft$3.25 per sq ft

Calculate your needs:

Enter the width and length of the space you need Pup-Grass® for (in feet):

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Input your width and length calculations above to determine costs and materials needed

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