Types of Artificial Turf

Pup-Grass® is better than other companies because we are the only one that has developed a product specifically for dogs. Our competitors have only re-branded an existing artificial turf with names like K-9 Turf or PetGrass. One way to confirm this statement is to ask for a sample. If the backing is a rubber looking material with holes punched every few inches, this will confirm it is not really a dog grass.
Because PupGear® Corporation developed Pup-Grass® specifically for dogs, our grass does a better job of what it was intended to do. For example, our unique backing system allows PupGrass® to drain at 195 gallons per hour, much faster than our competitors. In addition, we conducted extensive tests of different yarn densities and blade heights to determine what was the best combination for picking up solids and cleaning any residue left after a scoop.
The difference is that other artificial grass that looks similar are Knock-offs and Copy-Cats. While it may look similar, it does not have the proprietary drainage system, or durability that Pup-Grass is known for.


Safety and Durability

Pup-Grass® is free of lead or heavy metals. It is completely safe for dogs, kids and the environment.



Although we manufacturer Pup-Grass® we are not a landscape company and we do not have installers.
Our commitment is to develop solutions based on pet products that make a difference for pets and their people. We believe offering landscape installation would interfere with what we do best. Although we don’t offer installation we do offer a Project Management Service. Once you purchase Pup-Grass® we will develop a scope of work for your project based on a questionnaire about your property like fencing, grade and drainage. Once we have developed the scope of work for your project we will contact several reputable companies. First we check their references, licenses, etc. We will review their bids and make sure they are not charging for things you do not need.
We offer Turf spikes, Seaming tape and artificial grass edging. These items can be found on our Installation Supplies Page.
For every 100 square feet you will need (25) 6” spikes.
Home Depot and Lowes do not carry these types of materials You can call a Local Building Supply or Landscape Supply Company that sells materials like rock and sand. Give them your square footage and tell them how much material you will be removing (in inches) they can calculate how many cubic feet you will need.



Infill is a material like crushed rubber or silica sand that installation companies use to act as a cushion and make artificial grass look thicker and keeps it from matting. It also protects the yarn against UV light.
Pup-Grass® is considered an non-infill product because of its density. However the right type of infill like Pup-Fresh will not only provide UV protection and support for grass blades it will also keep the artificial grass odor free and cooler. Unlike silica sand or crushed rubber, Pup-Fresh is a 100% safe, non-toxic material made from Zeolite.



You can get a cost estimate by using our Custom Cost Calculator.
Installation prices not including Pup-Grass® will vary from state to state, but for the purpose of determining a budget you should plan for a cost of $ 2.50-$5.00 per sq ft.



We do not cut the width, but we can cut any length off of a 12’ or 6’ roll. There is a 10’ min cut.
Because our rolls are 12’ and 6’ widths you would need to order a 12×26.
Typically yes, but with Pup-Grass® whatever has been left over can be cut into potty mats and sold on Craigslist, donated to rescue organizations, or your local shelter.
You will have to square the area off and measure the length time the width, then multiply it. That number will be the total square feet of the area. Please refer to our Measuring Guide.
If your width or length can be divided by 12 or 6, the answer is yes, but for example if you have an area 28’ wide and 33’ long, you will have to allow for extra material. Please refer to our diagram on “How to measure”.


Installation Areas

Yes, however when using Pup-Grass® on a hard surface you need to use Pup-Drain. Pup-Drain will provide a space for urine to drain and airflow between the concrete and Pup-Grass®, since it will not absorbed liquids like soil. It also provides a protection for the backing against the abrasiveness of concrete.
No, Pup-Grass® needs to be installed over a prepared base. To maximize the benefits of Pup-Grass® we recommend the ground be prepared as per the Installation Instructions.


Cleaning, Cooling and Durability

If you have sprinklers we recommend turning them on for about 5 minutes a day to flush residue material. Otherwise, you would use a hose.
Yes, some yarns can reach 150 degrees. Is is important to plan your installation in areas that are shaded or have access to water so it can be cooled down before your dogs walk on the area.
We recommend keeping your existing sprinkler system in place if you have one, or use a misting system or shade cover. This will allow you to cool the area, as well as flushing any residue waste.
Absolutely, if dogs run a lot along a fence, they will not wear Pup-Grass® down, but you may notice something called tracks.
By using a natural infill like Pup-Fresh. This will provide support for the blades.