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Awesome product and service
Product: Pup grass

I been ordering pup grass from Pupgear for a few years now ... we have 3 small dogs and the prodcut is great !!! I use dawn dish washing liquid to clean it periodiclly ... dogs love it ... i love it ... great customer service amd support ...

by Susan Tiffany on PupGrass Artificial Dog Grass
PUP HEAD First Class
Product: Pup Head Mat and tray

I purchased the PUP HEAD tray and mat when my Schnauzer was a pup and needed training. Thru the years it has stood up to snow, ice, wind, dry weather, and most importantly repeated cleaning and washing without a hitch. This has been an outstanding quality product without fail. This is just the best on the market!!!

by Diane DeVosjoli on PupGrass Artificial Dog Grass

I originally purchased a limited section for my backyard, which is just sand....no vegetation can grow!I wanted something to cover the dirt and to enhance the look of the yard.I was so thrilled at how it made my backyard look, that I ordered more for almost the entire yard!It's very easy to maintain, install and keep clean!I am a 63 yr.old female and had no problem installing all the custom cut pieces myself!I still cannot get over how beautiful my yard now looks! And the dogs love it!The yard even looks larger......it gives my yard such a nice, clean look.....I've received so many compliments in such a short time.I don't mean to sound dramatic, but I never knew my yard could look so beautiful!Also, I've done an extensive price comparison search, and PUP GRASS exceeds all competitors....meaning less money and great quality!!!Customer service, which is Theresa, is so delightful to work with and made my ordering process so simple to organize!If you invest in Pup Grass, you will be delighted. I would not hesitate to recommend PUP Grass to everyone!By the way, because my grass went over (just) sand/soil, I did not need to purchase the Drain mat.

I love this stuff
Product: Pup-Grass

I have to say this is the best artificial grass I have ever used. We had another brand in our previous home and it was okay but Pup-Grass is honestly superior to anything we have seen. it looks great and it is easy to clean and maintain. We highly recommend Pup-Grass to anyone considering replacing real grass.

by Paws in Paradise on PupGrass Artificial Dog Grass
Very Happy with Pup-Grass
Product: Pup-Grass

We installed 6,000 sq feet of Pup-Grass in our large dog day care facility in Mount Pleasant South Carolina. We are very happy with the performance and ease of maintenance of Pup-Grass.

by Denver Canine Club on PupGrass Artificial Dog Grass
Low-Maintenance Surface
Product: PupGrass

As one of the largest dog care facilities in NC and likely the biggest single purchaser of PupGrass, we are very pleased with the product. 58,000 sf is a significant amount of ground to maintain, which is why we went with PupGrass. Our dogs go home as clean and happy as when they came to us because their only job is to run, play, poop and pee, all of which PupGrass handles quite nicely. Installed correctly, there is no better synthetic turf out there.

no more stinky backyard
Product: Pup-Grass

Great product! No more stinky backyard in the doggy area and we have two labrador retrievers. I would say, however, that the best part about this product is the great customer service. You definitely know what you are getting and you can always ask for help. Super-responsive. Stay tuned as I post pictures!

Absolutely Perfect!
Product: Pup-Grass and Pup-Drain

I rarely write reviews but I am so pleased with this pup-grass and think others might want to know about it.The story. The doggie area we have is off of our dinning room. It's large (35 ft. w x 25 ft. d) and the gophers owned it. We had gopher mounds everywhere and the dogs drug in the dirt. We had decorative concrete installed...looked great...except...poo would smear when you were scooping it. That started my search for some type of "turf" to put down. I searched the web and all the other products were too small. I wanted something that would take most of the space on the 35 ft. dimension. The real turf...no thanks...have to pick it up for disposal...yuk! Then I found the Pup-Grass liked the size...decided to take a chance and bought two 3 ft. x 15 ft. rolls. I had some concerns that the "grass" would just sit on the concrete developing mold underneath, so bought 2 drainage mats the same size as the "grass."Dogs. We have one small, older dog and a 4 month old puppy. The puppy took to it right away...does all his business on the pup grass. It took the older dog a little longer but after "noticing" the puppy was using it, is now using it all the time.This stuff seems very sturdy and the thing I love the most about it is the poo picks right up...doesn't stick or smear. Consequently, I bought two more rolls…smaller (3 ft. x 5 ft.) to put along the sides. Eventually, I will be buying more of this wonderful product.

Easy install
Product: Pup-Grass

Just installed the Pup Grass. Very easy to install over the Pup Drain! Thanks for your help and advice in picking the best product. Our dogs love it too!

by Biscuits Doggy Daycare on PupGrass Artificial Dog Grass
Our dogs are loving our Pup-Grass!
Product: Pup-Grass

Breezy was the first customer to enjoy our newly installed Pup-Grass by PupGear - Lifestyle Products Approved by Dogs! We have 1,000 sq ft of artificial turf specifically created for dogs that allows them to play comfortably all day long!

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